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Leo and Aquarius match

The meeting of Leo and Aquarius offers many interesting possibilities. First, it is a meeting of opposites, meaning signs placed opposite each other in the zodiac and hence in the year. While opposing signs usually present some difficulties in relating to each other, the Leo-Aquarius relationship is one of the most interesting and to my thinking one of the most promising. These are typically quite fascinating individuals, intent on finding some unique voice of their own to express. Leo is a loveable and generous, but rather demanding companion. Aquarius is often eccentric, sociable and focused on humanity rather than some particular individual. Immediately, this may cause some problems, since Leo adores nothing more than being adored, yet Aquarius is a good listener and quite capable of a quiet, sober kind of appreciation that will make Leo happy.

On the other hand, Aquarius can teach Leo much, and perhaps contribute an intellectual or humanitarian dimension on the general appreciation for people and friends that lies close to the heart of Leo. Aquarius is drawn to the magnetic appeal of Leo, to their personal pride and gravity, and Leo's knees weaken before the coolness and unorthodox ideas of Aquarius. There is both physical and mental attraction. However, Leo may feel that Aquarius is at a loss when it comes to passion, or that they're too concerned about their friends at the expense of their lover. Aquarius is ambivalent about the childlike innocence and pompous self-importance of Leo. Generally though, it is a sparkling, optimistic union.

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