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Gemini and Virgo match

With the planet Mercury ruling both these signs, communication will hardly be a problem for Gemini and Virgo. However, the ingredients of their dialogue are not irrelevant, because these signs can drive each other crazy just talking, and disagree about absolutely anything for the sake of argument. They have conflicting values and ideas about people and the world that surrounds them, even though they take on a similar approach to most affairs. The deepest problem of this union is that Gemini and Virgo constantly bring forth the most petty and meaningless issues between each other. Virgo condemns Gemini as irresponsible and thinks they are wasting intelligence. Gemini cannot see why Virgo is so stiff and morally prudish. And what about that timidity in social situations, when in reality Virgo loves to chatter?

It's pointless to state general facts, but basically I feel that Gemini and Virgo can offer each other more in a professional relationship or friendship. When it comes to love and amorous adventures, there is too much analytical nitpicking and detachment for things to be warm and spontaneous. Both these signs put rationality above feeling, and indeed because of that, may wind up incomprehensible to each other. Needless to say, a harmonious Moon contact between the partners can repair many of the difficulties.

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