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Gemini and Scorpio match

Well, let's be honest. There are probably no two signs in the zodiac that are more fundamentally and innately different from each other than Gemini and Scorpio. But before we expose the divide between the playful gust of wind and the dark and dusky Loch Ness, there are still one or two things that unite Gemini and Scorpio. The sharp and bitter sarcasm of a hurt Scorpio bears some resemblance to the sardonic wit of Gemini, in spite of greatly differing motives. Both are great observers and analyzers, and the curious attitude of both, the willingness to explore the unknown and enigmatic may give rise to considerable sexual electricity.

Nevertheless, we are talking about a night and day difference of emotional natures here. Scorpio, harbouring a vast ocean of underdark notions and passions, is almost insulted by the pure light-heartedness of Gemini, thinking: "they can show off all they want - there is still nothing below the surface". Gemini, if not simply petrified by the sheer depth of Scorpio, will find them ridiculously defensive and emotionally intense. Gemini is argumentative and tries to expose the secretive Scorpio's "true" nature. Few interactions could be any more obscure, with no natural means of relating, than that of Gemini and Scorpio. Yet there is some strange voice deep down, arguing for the absurd logic of this match.

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