Zodiac sign compatibility - Astrology Gemini match

Gemini and Pisces match

The two most flippant, ambivalent, dualistic and slippery zodiacers put together. How's that? It doesn't have to be no disaster, but much adjustment and care is wanted and needed. As these people communicate very well together, and have a basic relative, fleeting view of the world in common, friendships are plentiful and stimulating. They have great intuitive rapport and a similar lightness of being, when Pisces is in the mood. When love is in the air, it can be trickier. Gemini can be a dreamer and idealist, but their span of attention is very short and they are mostly mental in temperament unlike Pisces.

Pisces, a true dreamer, is very responsive to the humanistic friendliness of Gemini. Yet, being much more emotionally governed, they consider Gemini to be overly rational or unable to grasp deeper issues at hand. Gemini finds Pisces a little too vague and sensitive, though they like the mystery of Pisces as it gives them a bit of a riddle to ponder. Sometimes it works, sometimes not - people can communicate well without actually being able to reach each other, and this is often the situation with Gemini and Pisces.

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