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Gemini and Libra match

The coming together of Gemini and Libra is typically a moment of grace and humour. The circumstances under which these two met were probably quite light-hearted, and I'm sure they took to each other immediately. Speaking generally, it seems safe to say that of all the signs, Gemini and Libra are the two most at home in social situations. And perhaps this relationship, whatever its nature, will be very "public" in nature and the two are bound to be surrounded by lots of people. Communication is absolutely essential for both, and conversation will seldom run dry.

Efforts at seduction here will be chivalrous, yet slightly tongue-in-cheek. Both signs love to flirt, and while Libra is a bit more jealous, none of the parts usually have any trouble in detaching themselves emotionally. One of their few problems may relate to values and morality. Gemini is pure mind; observing and analyzing but seldom embracing any stable standpoint or attitude for any long. Hence, Gemini might find Libra judgemental and too intent on moral evaluations, while Libra claims Gemini to be nonchalant and irresponsible. If nothing more, such issues are usually overcome. A sparkling, if sometimes shallow match.

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