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Gemini and Gemini match

Oh well. In fact, "oh well" is quite a fitting expression for the Gemini-Gemini match. A phrase that goes almost everywhere, but doesn't really add much to the conversation. When these people meet at a party or through friends, they usually take to each other immediately. Like butterflies they flutter around together, mimicking and exploring each other with words and the exchange of ideas. It is usually not difficult for the Twins to further the relationship to a sexual level (if attraction is a present), because of their light-hearted attitude towards seduction and sex. Here is the problem. Since the two twins basically lack emotional depth, there will never be anything in this relationship that weighs down these airy surfers below the surface that they skim with such ease. Except astrological influences that point to more emotional inner natures (water or earth-element moonsigns are a great help here).

The two Geminis relate so easily, have so much fun together and are so intellectually compatible that they trick each other to believe the partner has more to offer than is really the case in long run. Problems never grow too deep or heavy and irritations wash away quickly - and eventually the Twins simply drift away from each other, separating without anyone being very upset. Naturally, they remain friends. The outcome of this light and buzzing match depends more than usually upon other factors in the partners' horoscopes.

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