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Gemini and Cancer match

This can be a very touchy combination, with a lot of irritability hanging in the air. Gemini and Cancer may be fond of each other and believe that the other part has much enlightenment to offer. While this is true, the difference in temperament and emotions is fundamental enough to be insurmountable at times. The rhythm of the relationship, whatever kind of relationship, is out of sync and ill-timed. Gemini throws around ideas and suggestions as if they were confetti. Cancer, in the midst of chaotic impressions, thinks Gemini is serious and actually considers their words carefully. (Which usually is a mere waste of energy when Gemini speaks). Cancer is so sensitive and intent on not being careless, and Gemini, while seldom very harsh or crude, still talks so much and about so many things that part of it is destined to hurt at least somebody.

On the other hand, Gemini doesn't see why Cancer is so touchy and introvert, and have a very hard time fathoming the complex emotionality of Cancer. "Lighten up", they say. Not so easy for Cancer though, who feels that Gemini is flippant and shallow. The positive aspects of this combination are the mutual interests and the fascination over small but significant details that connect these signs. In the best of scenarios, Gemini can make Cancer less possessive and defensive, and Cancer can introduce a completely new level of feeling into Gemini's life. Such scenarios are, unfortunately, mostly exceptions.

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