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Gemini and Aquarius match

Such a lovely but ultimately emotionless match! The air signs have a tendency to go well with most people, and when another air sign enters the stew, the along-going is usually smooth as ice. But ice is a fitting metaphor for many aspects of this interaction. Beautiful yet slightly cold. Serious commitment of any kind makes both Gemini and Aquarius rather nervous, and it will be important for these two to find their "level" when it comes to the relationship. Sometimes that level settles on comradeship.

One thing for sure - Gemini and Aquarius are equally original and unorthodox (with Aquarius a bit ahead there, perhaps) and will find it hard to shock each other. They will explore the mental realm together, with Gemini providing curiosity and impressions and Aquarius deepening and recreating the matter. They give of each other freely, but are also quite welcoming towards strangers. If any two signs are more inclined to keeping open relationships, these are first. A refined and easy match, but with little interest for life's small and dull responsibilities.

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