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Capricorn and Pisces match

Capricorn and Pisces make an example of where different desires and lifestyles can merge nicely because of the mix of elements and temperaments: earth and water. Capricorn is practical and have great reserves of patience and endurance, something that many pisceans are in dire need of. Pisces in turn inspires Capricorn with creativity, faith and inner conviction. They can ride many storms together, but the relationship won't be problem-free. Pisces is the spiritual dreamer, poet and prophet but lacks discipline, something Capricorn can bring in high amounts. Capricorn can get annoyed by the vague and slippery nature of the Pisces, and by their constant unrealistic attitude. Pisces may find Capricorn to be a bit insensitive and lacking in empathy, and wishes they were less rigid and materialistic.

Both signs are thoughtful and bide their time, and both have periods of introversion and melancholy. As is so often the case, the success of the union depends on compromise. If there is a mutual will to tone down some of the personal characteristics, this can become a very long-lasting romance with a spare beauty of its own. One where the lovers are tolerant and give just enough of themselves without having to alter their characters at core.

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