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Capricorn and Capricorn match

There will be few domestic issues of cleaning, finances and responsibility when two Cappys decide to shack up together. It's natural for all Capricorns to think of everything in terms of effectivity and organization. When two of the goats come together, at the very least one of them will show these classic traits and there will seldom be any practical issues worry about. On the other hand, not all things, states of being and issues are tangible and external in nature. Many Capricorns have trouble tuning into their own innermost feelings, and may shy away from coping with their own and other's emotions. This potential pitfall, as is quite obvious, can be intensified between two Capricorn lovers. They may feel a deep devotion and love towards one another, but constantly find it difficult to express it in a smooth and natural way.

However, if the two Capricorns can be open and sweet enough to each other (and there are no devastating bouts of power - a lot of Capricorns like to be the "boss", and this can definitely be a source of much grief ) this combination has an unusual lasting-power if love once is established. The earthy kinship will enable them to survive many storms, and they will emerge with a newfound respect for each other.

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