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Cancer and Virgo match

Cancer and Virgo is such a complimentary pair that at times they may forget about each other's existence. Virgo is prone to nag and analyze, dissect and rationalize. Cancer is prone to worry, suspect things and intuit about everything. They'll walk around the house small-talking, in some kind of auto-pilot mode, not entirely directed at the partner and not entirely to themselves. Kind of comforting, indeed. In public this couple is known to be shy, but homebound they blossom. There are no two signs better able at fine-tuning and managing the small episodes of the everyday together than Virgo and Cancer.

On the other hand, things tend to flow smoothly only until they cross a certain line. Cancer just can't take criticism. Virgo is born to criticise. Virgo just can't take emotional dramas and purely intuitive reasons - Cancer is perhaps the most emotional and personal sign of all. Yet, as mentioned there is a complimentary logic to this interaction. Since both signs are respectful people with lots of tact, albeit elementally different, this has potential of becoming a very compatible and harmonic union, if not incredibly exciting.

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