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Cancer and Scorpio match

The merging of Cancer and Scorpio is usually an intense emotional experience for both. A gamble where the stakes are high and the rewards potentially great. That is if they can avoid wearing each other out. Being water signs, Cancer and Scorpio have a deep and natural intuitive rapport regardless of whether they seem compatible on the surface. However, the union is bound to be tinged with jealousy and fear, since every little subjective hint or sensation of any kind creates powerful tidal waves of response in the minds and hearts of these people. They both love deeply and truly and are willing to sacrifice almost everything if they believe they're meant to be together.

Scorpio makes a lot of demands on a partner. Heavy demands. They give generously too, but only once they feel it has been deserved. Yet Cancer gives more freely, caring sometimes at the price of their own satisfaction, not expecting much in return. The time will come when Cancer asks themselves if Scorpio has taken advantage of them, and if they find it to be so, may turn away in disappointment or remain with a broken sense of trust. Hopefully and quite likely, the deep well of Scorpio emotion and passion can keep Cancer happy, and the other way around. There can be a mystical, wordless union.

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