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Cancer and Sagittarius match

A river meets a wildly streaming mass of smoke. What remains? A chaotic mess of greyish dust and particles? It is safe to say that the inherent personalities of Cancer the Crab and Sagittarius the Archer have little if any common platform. They swoosh by each other, just faintly glimpsing something in the corner of their eye. Sagittarius expands and exploits - Cancer conserves and protects. Sagittarius is blunt and careless, Cancer full of tact and careful consideration. Sagittarius enthusizes and laughs heartily also at themselves - Cancer is touchy and often lacking in confidence.

Yes, opposites can attract, and yes, these two may be fascinated over what magical gifts the partner potentially can bring to the union. It's just that if any real connection is to be established, there has to be some kind of great mental or perhaps sexual link, because emotionally these two are miles apart. One thing though - Sagittarius commonly has that benevolent softness about them. The empathetic, nurturing Cancer-born is attracted to the openness and kindness of Sagittarius towards strangers - a barrier Cancer wishes to break in themselves. The Archer is stimulated by the riddle that is the inner life of Cancer, as it becomes somewhat of an intellectual mystery, which the Sag truly loves. So, who knows?

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