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Cancer and Pisces match

Cancer and Pisces are starry-eyed lovers, moved by the same mysterious moods and sensations. At the surface, these signs seem more sensitive and receptive than any other two signs. They are intuitive, at times perhaps even psychic, utterly aware of each other's feelings and wishes (and those of everybody else, too). Naturally this is a blessing as well as a curse. It is safe to say that in the best of scenarios there is no romance more beautiful than that of Cancer and Pisces; giving, loving, highly compatible and completely merging together. But then again they may leech on each other, sucking all energy and emotion from the relationship and the partner.

These two romantics could withdraw from the world into a messy, dysfunctional existence together, keeping nothing but a vague hope. What is needed is some airy or earthy influences that can ground the relationship in clear thought and some everyday reality. Cancer is more likely to be the practical of the two - on the other hand, also more defensive and touchy. Cancer's need for safety provides them with direction and drive, while Pisces can daydream till the bitter end. Later, when Cancer finds themselves in one of their sombre moods, the wise and patient Piscean make them whole again through understanding and inner strength. Once awakened, the love and tenderness for the partner seldom disappear completely with Cancer and Pisces.

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