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Cancer and Libra match

This is a great competitor for being the pair with the most elusive harmony between them. When Cancer and Libra join as a couple, people probably believe these two kind and considerate souls have the ideal relationship. In reality, things are often quite different. For one thing, there may be some domestic issues: homebound Cancer versus social butterfly Libra. Libra accuses Cancer of being moody, too emotional and socially unresponsive. The flirting of Libra annoys Cancer, who may suspect the worst when they find Libra running around networking and visiting.

The issue between Cancer and Libra sometimes has to do with appearances and authenticity. Libra, perhaps the most socially aware of the zodiac signs, is intent on keeping up the facade and personal dignity. Cancer, being so sensitive and perceptive picks up on the behaviour of Libra and considers it to be insincere and shallow, while at the same time envying the social graces and ability of Libra to hide their true feelings. Libra may see Cancer as whiny and introvert, while admiring the steady emotional core and the deep and authentic empathy of Cancer. More than ever, the outcome of this affair depends on other factors in the two individuals' horoscopes.

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