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Cancer and Cancer match

Double Cancer - I guess the sound of it is everything but inspiring. But as we all know, first impressions are misleading. Take two Cancerians and you've got two caring, sweet and funny individuals who like each other's company. But you'll also have to constantly ask: What kind of pouring, swelling stream of emotion threatens to drench this couple today? Though the Cancers arguably make up the most emotional, sensitive couple in the zodiac, there are issues between them. For one thing - in spite of being so kind, Cancers can be very intent on having their own way. With two such souls the atmosphere could be strained and touchy. Imagine two rivers crossing. One will have to change course and flow with the other, won't it?

These two communicate psychically. If they communicate at all. Maybe they don't have to. They just know, or presume. Or take for granted. It is possible that the vulnerability of both parts can actually toughen them up when together, and there is always a deep bond between Cancers who have let each other into the hearts. A truly beautiful bond too. They may be able to forgive nasty remarks and explosions of rage or buried emotion. Maybe.

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