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Cancer and Aquarius match

There are serious issues that must be overcome here. Aquarius is the most detached, impersonal and independence-craving sign of the zodiac. Cancer is the most personal, intimate and clinging one. Whatever Aquarius blurts out will be emotionally digested by Cancer. And very likely there will be miscommunication and defensive attitudes, a touchy atmosphere. Cancer can't believe the insensitivity of Aquarius, and the fact that they seem just as concerned about some abstract agenda or ideology as they are about the partner. Aquarius reacts stubbornly and is very annoyed by Cancers desire to possess and excessively nurture them. Although Aquarius is a sympathetic, humanitarian sign, they lack the emotional perspective of Cancer and their instinctive desire to really bathe in the essence of another human being.

The fixed and determined mentality of Aquarius can also be a problem for Cancer, for they themselves adapt and change frequently and feel that no ideal or value is everlasting. When Aquarius on the other hand puts their eccentricity and unpredictability to show, Cancer is fascinated but in the long run rather disturbed. As fleeting friends or as lovers at the dark end of the street this may work, because sexual attraction could be a factor. For committed partnerships, we'd better hope the horoscopes of both show strong alternative influences.

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