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Aries and Virgo match

The relationship of Aries and Virgo is not one of great natural affinity. Since they operate at such different levels they have trouble grasping what the other is at all "about". Not because they are polar opposites - but rather like ships passing in the night. There is potential of sexual fascination, for the very reason that sex is alluring on a deeper level, as a bond of mystery and symbol of things hidden. What and who people find cryptic is likely to be tempting. But in general, the careful, detached and analytically prudent Virgo find little to unite them with the straight ahead, fiery enthusiasm of the typical Aries. Aries will not appreciate Virgo over-analyzing them and will consider the Virgo too precise in most matters. Virgo may appreciate the arian ability to make things happen, but feel that they are too brash sometimes and way too indiscriminate, and lacking in self-criticism.

Virgo's innate prudence and disrespect for personal show-off may be as irritating from the point of view of the more brag-prone arian, as the spontaneous self-grandeur of Aries is to Virgo. These two can team up though, combining arian passion and idealism with Virgoan dutiful effectivity to very positive results. There is a certain Virgo type that is often mistaken for an Aries or perhaps an Aquarius (maybe with influences from these). But even when the Virgo seems aggressive or overly chatty and flaky, the more rare, retiring arian is still less analytical and intellectual, relying just as much on their inner passion and spontaneity. A rather out-of-sync match, unless other factors in the horoscopes point to closeness.

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