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Aries and Taurus match

Bordering signs like aries and taurus are likely to experience certain difficulties with one another. Though traditionally is it said that the preceding sign has something to learn from the following, and there is a certain bond of "links in a chain" between them, a certain irritability is quite common in the interaction. Perhaps because one part feels the other to be immature or lacking in some respect, or simply hard to comprehend, whereas the other for some reason may find the very qualities they lack themselves to be almost arrogantly present in the other. Some jealous irritability could result also here. Naturally, it could also be a beneficial exchange for both parts, a situation of learning and giving, but that may not be the most appealing reason for initiating neither a love partnership nor a friendship.

The stages with which aries and taurus are concerned are those of the establishment of the ideal, the stabilization of the fire of life. Physically these signs can have a certain understanding, both being sensual and playful with a strong love nature and a love of honestness and direct, uncomplicated fornication...But they have different temperaments and often values too; free spirited aries may find taurus to be conservative or cynical, taurus considers aries naive and hot-tempered. If they can enter into an acceptable everyday life-rhythm to which both can adhere, their rustic souls can perhaps come together to last.

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