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Aries and Scorpio match

A match of electricity and sexual magnetism, the relationship of Aries and Scorpio is nevertheless one of the most difficult and likely strained ones imaginable. The Ariesborn will sense the depth and emotional maturity of Scorpio and be tempted to explore, challenge, and fight that mysterious soul that hovers somewhere in the void. Scorpio, ignited by arian childish frankness and aggressiveness, will fight back. There is not much room for rest and repose, and Aries may have some difficulties convincing Scorpio to give them the kind of independence and freedom they require.

Because Mars, the ruler of Aries, is also the traditional ruler of Scorpio (before Pluto was discovered), astrologers claim these signs share some qualities. Yet Scorpio, being a sensitive sign always inclined to protect and hide some of their private emotions and motives, cannot find in Aries the subtle emotional grasp and receptiveness needed for understanding. Aries likewise distrusts Scorpio's secretiveness and is repelled as much as attracted by their elusive outer coldness. This relationship takes other planetary influences - a fiery moon or Ascendant for the Scorpio or some quite powerful water in the Aries persona to balance out. As attraction remains usually quite intense, these two can convince each other, at least for a while, that they're meant for each other.

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