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Aries and Pisces match

Aries and Pisces is another example of the relationship of adjacent signs, with Aries following after Pisces. However, theirs is a different kind of joining, since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and Pisces the last. While the signs border on each other "geometrically", they can likewise be considered to be further apart than any other two signs. This ambivalence is mirrored in the actual interaction of the two signs. Pisces, furthest in its way through the symbolical stages of experience have grown wise and weary of the world, and they long for the mystical elevation into a higher plane of existence. Aries on the other hand carries the seed of spring and the purity of the first forms of organic life inside, eager to sink into the turbulence of earthly existence.

So what remains after all this symbolism is accounted for? There is no doubt Aries and Pisces bring together radically different life-styles and inherent responses to the environment. Pisces is elusive, Aries direct. While Pisceans dream, reflect and fantazise, Arians feel, move, act and react. But there is more to this combination than meets the eye. The Fish and the Ram are linked by their spiritual side and idealist romanticism. They find in each other a fellow in the love of creation and the newness of inspiration, with Pisces bringing poetic dimensions and Aries the enthusiasm of invention. If other factors contribute, this can be a fascinating and highly rewarding exchange with much mutual sympathy and some endearingly loving moments. The risk is clearly that the obvious differences in personality might keep the individuals from exploring the deeper possibilities of the relation.

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