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Aries and Libra match

This relationship has the potential of classic movie-love, fated attraction pursued with chivalry and elegance. As zodiac opposites, these signs have the effect of a mirror upon each other. Not as identical people, but rather as someone very different that is paradoxically recognized as somehow also being very similar. Kind of like seeing oneself in different color, while the mode of expression and the "shape" remains the same. Opposite signs have a way of complementing each other that can be very productive and satisfying, although it's also an interactions that carries great sensitivity. Much like power of a line-dancer, full of beauty and glory when in balance, results can be catastrophic or at least pathetic when a fall approaches.

In this relationship both parts realize that the other has much to offer and contribute, but as much as this can be a spark for love, it may create jealousy and and competition. Libra is a natural diplomat, Aries is a natural provocateur. And reversed: while Libra's smoothly hidden egotism is ingenious in manipulating its own desires to become the primary focus, Aries despises any indirectness and, much like a child, says it all and right away. The potential goldmine for Aries and Libra appears when the above state of affairs are quite out in the open, and perhaps humorously enjoyed by both parts. When Aries and Libra can shower each other with spontaneous affection and love and share in their zest for life, strengthen the innate idealism of each other and evolve together dynamically.

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