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Aries and Leo match

In many ways these signs mirror each other, and their common traits abound. Hence, they will feel an immidiate kinship. Even though the signs are so similar in "matter and content" there are certain motivational differences. They diverge mainly in how they instrument and maintain energy and personal resources. The Aries lover and the Leo lover, or the arian and leo friend for that matter, share in zest and enthusiasm. This enthusiasm seems a necessary condition for both signs separately - but perhaps even more so as a couple. For the fire signs Leo and Aries, mutual faith and passion must constantly be withheld together with idealism and spirituality. This high threshold for what is good or acceptable causes many of their individual - and consequently - common problems.

The Leo partner is loyal, gregarious and noble, but quite pompous in asserting themselves and inflexible as to their values. Aries is inclined to question and challenge - for them a very natural and hard to resist desire. The Leo may look upon the Aries partner as a child constantly needing guidance and reproach. But generally they understand each other and find similar things important. Both are constantly trying to improve their character and their talents, but Leo is concerned with maintaining that core of self where ego, values and creativity remain unchanged. Aries looks for new horizons and are less concerned with organization and consistency. The real treasure for these two is one of romance. If all goes well, they should be able to keep and even constantly renew their love and respect for each other.

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