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Aries and Aquarius match

An interesting combination with much potential of being mutually rewarding in both platonic and romantic relationships. The usually optimistic outlook of both Aries and Aquarius draws them together; they are idealists, although on different levels. This combination has more electricity than normal sextile relationships (signs that are two zodiac signs, or months apart). The eccentricity and unpredictability of Aquarius spurs the passion and spontaneity of Aries, and while Aquarius normally is much more aloof and detached than Aries, the mental observation of the former sign stimulates the intellectuality of Aries, and the soul-searching that lies within.

With Aries providing direction and energy for the relationship, Aquarius broadens the perspective and turns the Aries personal viewpoint into a more collective one with humanistic aspirations. These two can fight for any cause together, complementing each other's weaknesses while sharing an outgoing approach. Aries doesn't mind the quirks of Aquarius since it makes life more exciting, which Aries love. Aquarius finds their own stubborn, fixed mentality matched by the vigour of Aries argumentation, although they may wish Aries didn't take matters so personal. An electrical, buzzing combination.

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