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Aquarius and Pisces match

The initial exchange of a Pisces and an Aquarian is often one of sympathy and rapport, and perhaps even admiration. The trouble with these companions is that outer similarity and their thoughtful, kind attitude typically masks a much greater inner difference. Both wants to save the world, but for different reasons and in different ways. They can make fantastic partners in dreaming, envisioning creative ideas and humanitarian solutions together, with Piscean imagination perfectly cooperating with the inventive, broad intellectual sweep of the water-bearer.

The thing is, however, that Pisces is motivated by an emotional and above all mystical stance towards people and their world. Pisces sees things as unified, strives after forgiveness above all and has the ability to identify with the most unusual of situations and people. Aquarians still need boundaries and loads of rationality within their world, and are less likely to accept spiritual considerations. The Aquarian can be forgiving, but will seldom completely abandon the feeling of retributive and proportional justice. These partners need moons or sun/moon that comply by element to increase chances of a successful union.

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