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Aquarius and Aquarius match

Two slightly eccentric humanitarians with little concern for details and practical day-to-day living can make for an interesting combination. The water-bearer is often accused of being too detached and freedom-loving, but with a partner of mutual desires the sometime emotional coldness can be better handled. Aquarius is typically devoted to some special ideology and world view, and I suspect this is the area where problems may occur between two Aquarians.

The similarity in self-expression withstanding, sharing sun signs does not automatically make people share deeper values and needs. This is not necessarily a big issue, but Aquarians tend to be very stubborn and particular about their intellectual ideas, and another equally persistent person may cause rifts. Overall, Aquarians are tolerant and liberal, and the match of two water-bearers is often the kind that evolves from friendship and deep sympathy towards romantic love.

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