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The symbol of the sign Libra Sun in Libra

(Libra zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

The beginning of Libra marks the autumn equinox, where night and day is equal in length in the northern hemisphere. Libra is positioned opposite the first zodiac sign, Aries. In symbolical terms this represents the contrast between energies focused mainly on the self (Aries), and energies strongly aware of other people, often partnership-oriented (Libra). It is said that Librans are peace-makers, diplomats and lovers of harmony. Yet, they could easily also become trouble-makers, quarrelers and disrupters of balance. What is given is the Libran awareness of perspectives, attentiveness to other people, and their generally objective minds. What is not so given is Libran selflessness and great empathy. Indeed, Libra natives can be quite selfish and are especially skilled at finding smooth ways of enhancing their own ego and making their own desires the primary target. This is not to say Librans don't care about other people; they are considerate souls, but they can be selective as to their concerns. As Libra is the sign of intellectual purpose and direction, form seems to be of great importance to Librans in that it is the foundation for any kind of ideal.


Like Gemini, Libra is an intellectual air-sign. But while Twin curiosity explores venues of knowledge and discovery for the sake of pure impression, Libra wants refined and lasting ideas as well as action-guiding principles of value. As the Judge and Estimator of the zodiac, Libra strives to assess things as well as people based on impartiality. Everything must be weighed fairly and under the right conditions. The intellectuality of Libra is thus paired with a desire towards objectivity, which may surprise friends of the Libra native - when they find loyalty stands back for impartial justice. It is interesting that Libra's scales is the only non-living sign symbol in the zodiac, perhaps to imply something about the detachment and occasional impersonality of the sign. However, being objective is not always easy for Libra. They are easily swayed and indecisive, but moves with considerable charm and social deftness.

Indeed, Librans have the ability of making their conversation-partners feel important and give them the impression that their opionons matter. Libra believes that every individual has something of value to offer the world. But, like Aquarius, Libra sometimes conceive of other people as some kind of abstract entity rather than as unique emotional beings. Also like Aquarians, Librans can be hard to fathom in a emotional or private sense, even though they are good at verbalizing and discussing their emotions and opinions. Some consider Librans dishonest, lazy, vain and shallow, inclined to choose the wide middle road of least resistance. But if these "sins" hold up, there is plenty of tact, perspective, judgement, intuition, analysis, understanding, sympathy and an admirable ability of spreading grace and delight to their surroundings. Libra is the sign of friendship and partnership, a mainstay in the development towards all kind of civilisation and human interaction. With Venus as ruling planet, they are often artistically inclined. Both male and female Librans tend to have a marked weakness for the opposite sex and a good deal of natural flirtatiousness.

Five representative Librans:
Cinematic: Brigitte Bardot
Politics: Jimmy Carter
Literature: Oscar Wilde
Music: John Lennon
Miscellaneous: Gandhi

Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling planet: Venus

Body part: Buttox, lower back

Libra associations:
Art, courts, law, beauty, harvest, partnerships, museums, diplomats, romance

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