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The symbol of the sign Leo Sun in Leo

(Leo zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

All those born at the height of summer in the fiery sign of Leo share a need to display their souls or creative selves in some respect. Many are drawn to artistic endeavours, since they intensely feel their unique essence and that special something they have to share with the world. Much like Gemini, who feels the desire to process and spread information, Leos must process and share whatever burning raw essence they keep inside. They tend to move with dignity and nobility - even a truly bohemian, slacker Leo native radiates an atmosphere of fine birth and pride. We are told Leos are drawn to the stage. Surely, all things dramatic stay close to their heart. Notwithstanding, many people with a substantial Leo influence come off as shy. Quite paradoxically, this is not uncommon with fire signs in general. In the case Leo the cause is seldom lack of confidence or any great introversion, but rather a kind of satisfaction. Endowed with a certain natural charisma, the Leo allows herself to shine more quietly and with dignity. The rumoured self-centeredness of Leo natives is indeed not so often noticable at a surface level.


Since self-image and personal success after all is so important to the Leos, they tend to be vulnerable to criticism and easily hurt in these matters. This is heightened by their personal pathos, which is aimed at sincerity and non-obscurity. The Leo is a very upright, honorable sign - lies and unrighteousness of any kind is perceived by them as a personal insult. When you think about it, it is indeed the ideal of antiquity that is stamped all over the typical Leo. Grand, sweeping gestures of generosity, and a love of what is sound and rational - and virtuous. Many Leos seem to spend their lives trying to collect virtues like others collect stamps. One they often lack, however, is temperance and true humility, as well as the analytical-critical faculty of Virgo. It is below Leonian dignity to allow too much room for what is small and particular. In the same sense, Leos find it hard (and seldom want to) hide their opinions and personality. Straight arrows and all the cards face up. Leos want to put their trust in fate - they naively imagine themselves to have a special report with that great invisible wheel of fortune, and perhaps they're right. If things go wrong there is always the relief of the stoic "Que sera, sera".

It is of grand importance to Leo people to keep away from tasks of pointless monotony and lifelessness. They need something more than the autopilot way of functioning. If what they do leaves them passionless and fails to inject some of that blooming freshness of creation into their hearts, they'll feel lost and depressed. It is inevitable that Leos sometimes come off as pompous and dogmatic. Surely the self-righteousness and naivety of the sign can get on the nerves of more particular or cynical people, and beneath all the fine intentions of Leo individuals there is frequently a bit of narrow-minded moralism that can be quite annoying. Even though they mean well, a typical Leo's advice for what is a worthy and good way to live life is less concerned with the particular needs of the individual who receives the advice. It rather reflects the know-it-all advisor's private ideas. In love, Leos are idealists, a fact that doesn't stop them from immensely enjoying the game of wooing and flirting. Adultery and unfaithfulness tend to be below Leonian dignity - until it happens 'by accident'. Most are faithful though.

Five representative Leos:
Cinematic: Alfred Hitchcock
Politics: Napoleon
Literature: Herman Melville
Music: Madonna
Miscellaneous: Neil Armstrong

Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Ruling planet: Sun

Body part: Heart, back

Leo associations:
Kings, queens, light, gold, nobility, children, games, luxury, radiance, majesty, heart-attacks, appearance, fashion,

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