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The symbol of the sign Gemini Sun in Gemini

(Gemini zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

Astrologers are sometimes fond of symbols and associations in order to make their interpretations more colorful. In the case of Gemini the Twins, there is a classic image that hits the nail on the head, namely "quicksilver", which summarizes much of what is essential about the sign. (And it is of course the synonym for "Mercury", ruling planet of Gemini). Self-adequacy does not come very easy for the Gemini, and so communication has become a keyword for the sign. Gemini exists to receive impressions, slightly change them, and pass them on. Mentally, Gemini allows nothing to lay around unused - every resource and talent must circulate, just like ideas, people and speech. Air, breezing around, exploring stances and perspectives, freshening up - that's Gemini. The immediate impression of someone of strong Gemini influence is almost always lightness, youth and flexibility. These people more than anyone need a communication outlet of some kind, and if they're not naturally sociable, it's probably the partner or some close friend or relative who gets to be the channel for all their thoughts. But most june-born love the buzzing sense of being surrounded by people - strangers as well as friends. Interaction in any imaginable form is their natural element, and they just aren't made for solitary living.


This mobility and general friendliness often conceals problems of the nervous or neurotic kind. A mortal fear of stagnation creates turbulence inside of Gemini, and intensifies the mental dualism and inherent feeling of heterogenity common to the sign. The symbol for Gemini is two individuals holding hands - but rather than implying something about partnership, the symbol points to the mentioned split or dualism; to a consciousness constantly moving on two separate levels. The receptiveness and mobile, verbal intelligence of Gemini gives them a head start in areas such as mimicry and comedy. Emotionally, Gemini can be quite detached, and it's not uncommon for them to have sort of a roving eye; they are themselves not inclined to jealousy. Geminis have a tendency to intellectualize their feelings, and for those who find it difficult to know what the Gemini really is thinking and feeling beyond all that talk, it's important to remember that Gemini natives seldom know it themselves.

Twins often find thoroughness difficult, and profound situations to be somewhat of a burden. They lack the patience and interest required to dig down deep into things, and their knowledge is seldom completely exhaustive. While the Geminis typically display great common knowledge and a quick, sharp wit, they find it more difficult to reflect deeply to form a genuine and independent understanding. Confront a Gemini with a problem that requires deep consideration; attack them with questions concerning the foundations of some phenomenon, and they say: "Sure, sure, but what about this! And have you thought about this! Or that!". Gemini is indeed a sign of logic - but the Twins tend to spread their impressions, confusing the core of the matter. Just like Aries, the Gemini-born tend to radiate a certain naivety and youthful innocence, but Gemini is more changeable than Aries, and usually caught in some never-ending self-examination or soul search. Humanitarian and sympathetic, Gemini may still lack true empathy. Her concerns are also normally directed at a few individuals, in contrast to the humanism of another air sign - Aquarius - whose social concerns aim for humanity at large.

A few representative Twins:
Cinematic: Michael J. Fox, Marylin Monroe
Politics: John F. Kennedy
Literature: Allen Ginsberg
Music: Bob Dylan
Miscellaneous: Donald Trump

Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Ruling planet: Mercury

Body part: Arms, hands

Gemini associations:
Wind, weather, twins, speech, literature, messengers, handicraft, letters, language, youth, telephones, communication

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