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The symbol of the sign Capricorn Sun in Capricorn

(Capricorn zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

When the sun enters the sign of Capricorn, nature lies in deep winter rest. It's a time when the day is short and darkness governs; images of the cold, barren and restrained appear, as opposed to the warm fluidity of high summer in the opposite sign of Cancer. This may not be obvious from the typical Capricorn personality - frequently Capricorns show off a light, wry sense of humor and a rather sunny personality. Yet there is a seriousness or a vague sadness about these people, a heavy sense of responsibility close to their heart. Capricorns somehow feel as if they alone have to make sure everything is flowing along flawlessly, and their sense of ambition is usually highly developed. Being the last sign of the earth element, Capricorn's job is to manifest on a higher level the "material" or physical idea that was initiated by Taurus and refined by Virgo. In this respect all Capricons form an ambivalent relationship with reality. Most feel it is their duty to get to know it as much as possible, adjust to it and over time make it converge with their own ultimate ends. Capricorn is skilled at effectivity and at diminishing their own private person to be able to handle things free from subjective emotion. They sublimate their sensitivity, channeling it into action and organization.


There is no doubt Capricorns have a real emotional need for effectivity and rationality, and should this be ignored they loose balance. But some of them deal differently with their intense conception of reality. These are the connoisseurs of the fantastic; writers and comedians who long to dramatically recreate reality, such as J.R.R Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe and Rudyard Kipling, but also comedians Rowan Atkinson and Jim Carrey. All of them intent on creating some kind of private, symbolical universe of their own. Note also the great ambition and wide scope of their delivering their vision, in a clearly Capricornian fashion. It is also significant that so many realistic Capricorns keep an openness to the unknown forces and inexplainable phenomena of the world - perhaps most clearly shown by the great Isaac Newton. Newton, clearly one of the most influential scientists in history, was constantly found defending the subject of astrology from the ridicule of his "enlightened" collegues. Unfortunately, the somewhat cold and detached "no-nonsense" attitude of Capricorn is also her primary weakness. In dealing with others, many Caps are unnessecarily correct and obsessed by the surface apparition and form of everything. They have little patience with opinion and subjective reasons and shy away from displays of emotionality.

Also, Capricorn lacks understanding for the kind of perspective that doesn't agree with its sense of effectivity and the general straightness of its world-view. Through Saturn, which rules the sign, Capricorn represents authority and the "great Father". This also contributes to the problem. Since Capricorn is so intent on gaining status and respectability in worldly affairs, they harden themselves in fear of social embarrasment and loss of control. This rigidity makes it difficult for them to go along with the flow when needed. Hence, Capricorn usually needs time to accomplish what they want and rise to respectability. It is a development that parallels their tendency to soften and lighten up with age, fittingly becoming mature enough to (reap?) the fruits of their labor. Just as the Capricorns are steady and endurant individuals in professional life, they are normally patient and reliable in relationships. In spite of a certain personal cynicism, Capricorns grow very attached to those whom they love, and become attentive lovers with a flair for nostalgia.

Five representative Capricorns:
Cinematic: Faye Dunaway
Politics: Joan of Arc - and Josef Stalin
Literature: J.R.R Tolkien
Music: Phil Spector
Miscellaneous: Muhammad Ali

Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling planet: Saturn

Body part: Knees, joints, (skeletal structure)

Capricorn associations:
Mountains, buildings, large companies, geometry, CEO:s, organizations, goats, limitations, common sense, utilitarianism

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