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The symbol of the sign Cancer Sun in Cancer

(Cancer zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

Cancer the crab is a driven and purposeful sign, good at bringing tasks to their conclusion. While this may seem incompatible with traditional idea of the sign as being retiring and sensitive, the qualities all apply. Cancerians often suffer from feelings of inferiority, yet this in itself acts as a drive towards accomplishment. Thanks to their natural versatility and receptive minds, Cancers can effectively channel the ambition into a variety of venues. What motivates the sign deep down inside is the desire to familiarize everything, to personalize and make experience and phenomena recognizable. Indeed, Cancer is known to really "get close" to its nearest surroundings. Since the Moon rules the sign, Cancerians tend to be moody and easily influenced by milieu, sometimes a bit touchy and introvert. But the Cancer has a phenomenal knack for sensing whatever is needed in any circumstance, an intuitive ability for guessing and coping with the needs of people. A less benevolent Cancer-born may be tempted to use her abilities for manipulation, since that innate sensitivity and "feel" for the opportunities at hand makes it easy. With the water element comes universality and compassion, and like Pisces and Scorpio, Cancer's receptivity to surrounding energies sometimes border on the psychic.


The general impression of someone of strong Cancer influence is usually shyness or at least a discreet humility. It is not the style of the typical Cancer to dramatically exhibit their own ego or cause too much turbulence. Sometimes they are seen as defensive and anxious to remain in control, inclined to pick up on hasty remarks. Personal sensibility is an Achilles heel of Cancer's. As an exception, some (especially male) Cancer natives express themselves with great self-confidence and grandeur. This machismo is usually the result of denial, of the refusal of a male Cancer to accept his natural sensitivity and vulnerability in order to maintain the "hard shell". But nonetheless, few Cancerians lack that genuine ability to empathise with others. They have a great understanding of how fragile that special, unique inner core of every individual is, and they know how important it is for human dignity. Nurturing, in any form, is an instinctive and spontaneous matter for Cancer. Although sometimes slightly judgemental, they continue to love also when disapproving of someone's choices.

The personality of the typical Cancer conveys a sense of trust and sympathy, enriching their immidiate atmosphere. They often have some kind of creative talent that is fueled by stubborness and purpose - that is, once a decision has been made. Adaptability, preparation, tact and perspective are all traits that crowns the Cancer image. As well as a certain obsession with the past and frequently an interest in history and family roots. In relationships, Cancer shows devotion and sacrifice, and reward loyalty with their great reserve of love. Insecurity and emotionality may sometimes stain the clarity of that placid lake of love, and shine through as jealousy. The formidable need for security of the sign makes Cancer possessive, and quite demanding of their partner. All in all though, Cancers are very kind and pleasant fellow men and women, and true lovers of love.

Five representative Crabs:
Cinematic: Meryl Streep
Politics: Princess Diana
Literature: Franz Kafka
Music: Robbie Robertson
Miscellaneous: Edgar Degas

Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling planet: The moon

Body part: Chest, breasts

Cancer associations:
Tide, full moon, rivers, shells, wells, silver, mothers, milk, family, relatives, nursing, nurturing

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