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The symbol of the sign Aries Sun in Aries

(Aries zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries or the Ram has a reputation for being an enthusiast, eager to initiate different forms of activity. Furthermore, Aries is said to be aggressive and undiplomatic, which is not entirely true. Yes, Arians keep an open and slightly naive world-view through their lives, acting and reacting with immediate enthusiasm in any circumstance. The Aries seek the pure core of life, the simple passion of being. While this may equip them with a certain innocent forcefulness or lack of nuance, people born in this sign truly care about the feelings of others and are especially abhorrent to every kind of unrighteousness and unfairness. That's also sort of the snag with being an Aries. Anyone who is that straightforward and simultaneously concerned with their high ethics and standards of idealism, could easily become the annoying pilgrim of righteousness or some kind of Mr. Know-it-all. Arians keep bugging themselves and others with their never-ending fire for whatever "baby" they happen to nurse presently.

picture of Aries

Since Aries represents the formlessness of pure being, there is often a freshness about an Aries, the feeling of being unstained by the soil of experience. This is the child of the sun, the one pure at heart, the keeper of the holy grail. Though by paradox logic, the Aries-archetype is also that of reckless criminality. It could be argued that Aries' conception of reality is slightly simplistic, wavering only between what seems and what doesn't seem relevant for the self and its aspirations. Most arians display great fighting spirit; they thrive in competitive situations and are attracted to sports and athletics. The planet/god Mars, ruler of the sign, traditionally associates with masculine archetypes such as soldiers, officials, military events, courage and firm decision. Arians take pride and honor quite seriously, unwilling to yield to unworthy behaviour or likewise degrading treatment of others.

But often Arian energy, which is considerable, is directed into humanitarian or reformistic areas and projects. There is constant danger of being burned out, physically or psychologically, since the Aries tend to overestimate its capabilities and simply want too much. Much rest will be needed to recharge those batteries. With the constant desire for activity and turbulence comes impatience, a trait that is important for Arians to resist. In the long run, patience is just what is needed to successfully establish all the Arian initiative. Romantically and sexually, someone with a strong Aries-influence resembles a whirlwind. Love is the prime untouchable of all untouchables, and is supposed to be expressed passionately, genuinely and with chivalry. There is nothing reservedly ironic or indifferent about the way this sign falls in love. The considerable ego of the Aries may become a thorn in any relationship, but it is combined with great generosity in love and the willingness of Aries to sacrifice themselves for the idea of romance.

Five representative Ram-people:
Cinematic: Charlie Chaplin
Politics: Al Gore
Literature: Charles Baudelaire
Music: Aretha Franklin
Miscellaneous: Leonardo da Vinci

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling planet: Mars

Body part: Head

Aries Associations:
Iron, fire, soldiers, metal, mountains, races, beginnings, physical labour, red colors, desert, dryness, enterprise, hunting.

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