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The symbol of the sign Aquarius Sun in Aquarius

(Aquarius zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

In spite of what people might think, Aquarius is not a sign of the water element. It is the last of the air signs, representing collective intelligence and humanity at large. Aquarius is positioned opposite Leo, the sign of the fully integrated Ego. Its perspective is wide and generally objective, seeing less separation between different people and ideas. This is where the idea of Aquarian group-orientation springs from. These people feel that everything that concerns the human being has a social dimension. Thoughts and actions carry more significance when they relate to all-embracing structures of meaning, than when they are isolated or merely subjective. For Aquarian people, identity is a complex and troublesome concept that may become somewhat of an obsession. On the one hand Aquarians are known as individualists, free-thinkers and original personalities. But their bohemianism and unconventionality (which seldom is very obvious on the surface) contrasts with the desire to contribute to the group, since the latter always require a certain alignment with the will of all.


Aquarians are humanitarians, intent on furthering any kind of development that benefits mankind. Nonetheless they are frequently quite detached and cold in personal relationships and in dealing with people. It is the syndrome of loving humanity but finding it hard to deal with the emotional and personal issues of the individuals themselves. The ruling planet Uranus brings inventiveness and an inclination towards scientific, progressive and taboo-breaking pursuits. The mind of Aquarius is abstract and comprehensive, and there is often a special talent for associative thinking and a capacity for reasoning at multiple levels simultaneously. While Gemini, the first air sign, corresponds to the rapid assimilation of ideas that constitutes the classic idea of intelligence, and Libra as second sign of the air element typically associates with logic and the intellectual weighing/contrasting of thoughts and ideas, those with strong Aquarius influence has a flair for revealing meaning at depth, beyond mere form to the actual ramifications of patterns and concepts. Aquarians are great observers of human nature, with an intuitive sense for the interplay between surface phenomena and inner motivation. It is their task to reveal the "truth" within the limits of a mental perspective.

Most Aquarians are sociable, outgoing and sympathetic individuals. Yet there is always a sense of being a "loner" inside the mind of these people. Their friendliness is universal, but more personally oriented people may find them aloof and somewhat indifferent. Indeed, indifference is an issue for many Aquarians. Their viewpoint is at core intellectual and unbiased, and thus the capacity for relating emotionally may suffer. Real empathy is a spontaneous, instinctive phenomenon and not a conscious intellectual stance. It is not equal to an impersonal concern for humanity at large. Aquarians are perhaps too open and indiscriminate in relating mentally, and instead risk loosing touch with that indefinable essence of "soul" within. Still it seems the "Age of Aquarius" has wielded an important and beneficial influence over mankind, and some would of course argue that people would be better off counteracting their inherent emotional subjectivity for the sake of a progressive, utopian future. Romantically, Aquarians are independent and freedom-loving, though loyal. They generally find it much easier too say "let's be friends", than to commit deeply to any kind of relationship.

Five representative Aquarians:
Cinematic: James Dean
Politics: Abraham Lincoln
Literature: James Joyce, Charles Dickens
Music: Mozart
Miscellaneous: Oprah Winfrey

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Ruling planet: Uranus

Body part: Lower legs

Aquarius associations:
Large groups, computers, electricity, science, charity, rebellion, thunder & lightning, the ideal, unions

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